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Thursday, December 9, 2010
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With Immoral Estate Tax Reinstated and only Two-Year Extension of Tax Cuts, CFTR Calls on House Republicans To Vote Against Compromise

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Citizens for the Republic (www.cftr.org) – a 501(C)(4) conservative grassroots lobbying organization reborn under the leadership of Reagan stalwarts – today criticized a tax "compromise" that would require House Republicans to violate the promises they made in their own "Pledge to America" and would reinstate the immoral Death Tax.

CFTR Executive Vice President Bill Pascoe sent a letter to every House Republican urging them to vote against the compromise.

The letter reads in part:

"By striking a 'compromise' in a lame duck Congress, negotiators are essentially ignoring the will of the American electorate as expressed in last month's elections. Given the term of the deal, Members who have been voted out of office will be allowed effectively to participate in setting policy even after their own electorates made clear that they preferred different representation. This raises significant concerns about the very point of having regularly scheduled elections.

"Second, any vote for this deal necessitates a vote in favor of reinstating the Death Tax. Of all the taxes we know of, none is more immoral than this one, in which government is taxing the estate of a man or woman who already paid taxes on it once. Taxing it a second time is just plain wrong, and whether the rate rises from its current rate of zero to 35, or 45, or 55 percent, and whether it is applied only to estates valued at more than $1 million, or $3 million, or $5 million, makes no difference – imposing the Death Tax is wrong."

Additionally, Mr. Pascoe notes that this compromise violates four promises made by House Republican leaders in their Pledge to America. These include the promises to: stop all job-killing tax hikes; act immediately to reduce spending; to cut spending to pre-stimulus, pre-bailout levels; and to advance legislative issues one at a time.

"The American electorate sent a strong message to Washington on November 2 of this year – STOP THE SPENDING. This 'deal' does not reflect the will of the electorate. I urge you to vote it down, and wait for the inauguration of the 112th Congress in three weeks to go back to the drawing board and try again," Pascoe concludes.

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