“Sunlight is the best disinfectant”

The Sunlight Project’s mission is to ferret out corruption that wastes taxpayer dollars and continually undermines the American people in favor of the powerful and profitable. Each of these sectors has one thing in common:  they all receive favorable treatment from the government thanks to political contributions, cronyism, and a revolving door of executives who become government officials.  The American people demand accountability and fairness instead of having their tax dollars and their financial futures being sold in sweetheart deals that get little attention from the media.



Big Banks

In 2008, the American people were forced to bail out the largest financial institutions because they were deemed “too big to fail.” Senior executives of these banks were given golden parachute retirement packages while Americans struggled to pay off the weekly grocery bill.

The ties between Wall Street and K Street have become so interwoven that this blatant injustice was allowed to pass and to date, there have been no significant measures to protect the American people from the predatory practices of the banking industry. The Sunlight Project will shed light on the worst of these corrupt practices and will fight to end the abhorrent alliance between Wall Street and K Street

Big Energy

The Solar industry has been a pet-industry of the Obama Administration and those who claim to care about the environment. Washington has given Solar companies millions in federal tax credits and subsidies that are costing taxpayers millions, despite posting losses year after year.

When Solyndra, Ener1, and others get government tax breaks, the American people need to know.

The U.S. government needs to stop meddling in industries and create an atmosphere that allows to prosper without pledging taxpayer support.

Big Education

Washington, and the teacher’s unions that pull its strings, need to relinquish control of primary and secondary education and leave it in the hands of local leaders and parents.

Common Core, No Child Left Behind mandates and standardized testing has shown again that Washington bureaucrats with one-size-fits all ideas have failed our children.

At the college level, leading providers of student loans have given hefty contributions to legislators of both parties.

College students and their parents are being taken advantage of by a student loan industry that is working to drive up college costs far faster than the rate of inflation. Student loan companies know that families will sign any promissory note for a college education no matter how over-inflated the cost.

Colleges and lenders have to be brought in line.

Big Amnesty

We will oppose President Obama’s executive amnesty to thousands of illegal aliens. It is a vast overreach and it cannot stand.

American citizenship is a precious thing. To give it away as a cynical political move is unconscionable.

Big Data

Under the Obama Administration, the government has misused and abused confidential data that Americans have entrusted to them. They have deployed aggressive and intrusive surveillance technology against American citizens by employing drones, warrantless wiretaps, and illegal searches and seizures. It is time to reclaim our rights as American citizens.

Virginia is leading the way in proposing an amendment to its Constitution to protect our private data, even if it is stored on a computer network. Advancement in technology should not mean a loss of individual freedom. CFTR will work to protect the rights and privacy of Americans.