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  • Daily Elon Musk News 9/28/16

    Daily Elon Musk News Tesla-SolarCity Merger Would Make Tesla’s Business Model Worse, Not Better Tesla shareholders would be better off voting down the company’s merger with SolarCity, in part because combining the two companies would likely cause Tesla’s expenditures to explode. The merger looks like a loser from a Tesla shareholder’s perspective, mostly because […]

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  • Daily Elon Musk News 9/27/16

    Daily Elon Musk News How Long Will It Take SpaceX to Return to Space? Every minute that SpaceX must spend figuring out why its rockets are blowing up, instead of launching them, is time the company is not collecting revenue, not earning profits, and not making progress toward Elon Musk’s goal of amassing enough […]

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  • Citizens for the Republic Endorses Darryl Glenn For U.S. Senate in Colorado

    ALEXANDRIA, VA – Today, Citizens for the Republic PAC announced its endorsement of Retired Lt. Col. Darryl Glenn for the U.S. Senate. Glenn was elected to Colorado Springs City Council in 2003, and in 2010 was elected as the El Paso County Colorado District 1 Commissioner. The retired Lieutenant Colonel served in the U.S. Air […]

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  • Daily Elon Musk News 9/22/16

    Daily Elon Musk News Tesla would scale back Indiana operations under a legislative proposal A senior official with Tesla Motors Inc. said the company would curtail its investment in Indiana if legislators pass a law prohibiting it from selling cars directly through its own dealerships, which it has been doing in the state since […]

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