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  • Daily Elon Musk News 10/18/16

    Daily Elon Musk News Major Updates For This Month Tom Pyle from the Institute for Energy Research (IER) wrote a great blog on The Hill about the high cost of private solar subsidies. Tom’s conclusion: “…our public utility policies don’t reflect the costs that net metering imposes. It’s time to reform net metering policies […]

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  • Daily Elon Musk News 10/17/16

    Daily Elon Musk News The high cost of rooftop solar subsidies Renewable energy like wind and solar has become politically popular in recent years. So much so that Hillary Clinton is proposing to install half a billion solar panels if she is elected president. Yet her plan for “a solar panel on every roof” […]

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  • Daily Elon Musk News 10/12/16

    Daily Elon Musk News Musk’s Wall Street cheerleaders drop their pom-poms over Tesla Elon Musk is losing some of his Wall Street cheerleaders just when he needs them the most. Goldman Sachs Group Inc., one of Musk’s top bankers, has reversed course and cut its recommendation on the entrepreneur’s flagship Tesla Motors Inc., following […]

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  • Daily Elon Musk News 10/10/16

    Daily Elon Musk News Tesla Is Grossly Overvaluing SolarCity More than three months after Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) announced its intention to acquire SolarCity (NASDAQ: SCTY), CEO Elon Musk hasn’t answered the single most important question for investors yet, which is what return they should expect from such an investment. When analyst Colin Rusch from […]

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